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Monthly Book Challenges 2015

  Monthly Book Challenges 2015

    Hi guys! Okay for this year, I decided to do a something different to help me read more diversely and to get through my TBR list. Every month for the year 2015, I will do fun challenges. These aren't exactly like the game challenges, mind you.
  My book challenges are in a jar (used to be a candle jar), and each challenge is written on a little post-it note. So in the beginning of the month, I will randomly pull out ONE note. So I have to try to fullfill and when I get it done, I can pull out the second challenge.

For example: Challenge 1- Read a mystery genre book /Challenge 2- Reread a favorite book

Stuff like that and I also threw in a few SPECIAL challenges like- Watch a book-adapted movie!
  So at the end of each month, I'll post the challenges and if I was able to complete them:)


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