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Fantastic People and Where to Find Them

Fantastic People and Where to Find Them

  Hi there! Okay, I follow a lot of people on social media networks. On Tumblr, Youtube, Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram and much more. All of them are amazing people that you SHOULD FOLLOW! They are all so friendly, nice, sweet and fun! I've made quite a lot of friends from them and I just adore all of them. Even though I haven't met them in person and some I haven't actually talked to, they are worth hearing and supporting. And I suppose you can guess the common love that we all share and made our paths cross, Books. 

  Here I'll have all the links to some of the amazing peeps that I think YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO SEE! Like they are sooooo worth the following and becoming friends with! Maybe you've heard about them or already know them! Either way, here's all the people I appreciate and just love to fangirl with:) So check out these Amazing People and Sites!


  Honestly here all the wonderful people who are apart of the Booktube community! 


 My fanatstic peeps! Some are blogs and others are websites:) 


   The book blogs in the Booklr community:) 


    Great friends that I love to see what their reading and their reviews! 

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