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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Book Review: The Shadow Revolution by Clay and Sarah Griffith

Book Review:
The Shadow Revolution
(Crown and Key #1)
by Clay and Susan Griffith

Book Rating: 3.5 stars 

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   I easily enjoy any book that takes place in Victorian London (favorite time period and place to be) and deals with supernatural forces mixed in the 1800 society. And it sure doesn't hurt to have a flowing plot and writing style. So yes, I rather did enjoy this.

 Except one thing that does annoy me is that the synopsis is rather off, so not what you expect goes along that. Following a team of unique (and at times rather sassy) group of adept fighters, you enter the foggy streets of London where a dark force is beginning to rise. Typical paranormal historical fiction, right?

  • Bold Sarcastic Hero known for his good looks but has secrets abilities? CHECK. 
  • Unique Intelligent Heroine with rare boldness for women of that time? CHECK. 
  • Grumpy Skilled Mentor/Sidekick who cracks one-liners but has wisdom? CHECK. 
  • Fierce Quiet Scotsman spends all his time skillfully killing monsters? CHECK. 

   Should I go on? SO yes there are several cliques and all around concepts. But several original elements and concepts were introduced throughout.

  The magic system and supernatural creatures were different and rather unlike most of the ones in YA these days. Making them unique and a good change for once. For instance, the werewolves are rather vicious and monsters that need to be killed. Weird freaky other creatures are added into the mix- which you'll meet later in. And the MC is quite a unique sorcerer than from the usual ones that are all over in YA or is this Adult? I'm not sure.

Where I'd Shelf this: 

  • Paranormal 
  • Historical Fiction 
  • Science Fiction- steampunk 
  • Adult 
  • YA? 
  • Romance? 
  • Fantasy 
  • Werewolves

  The plot was compelling and fast-paced at all the right places. The action and adventure (terrifying mind you) were so well written out. The details and world-building were pretty good and I enjoyed them quite well. And a bonus: there's barely any romance! Like no love-triangles or the such.
Well in truth, there is a bit of a spark, but it's barely traceable. Except I rather see it as affectionate fondness.

 Anywho, I rather ended up liking this book. The first book in I believe a trilogy, I'm not sure if I will continue on. I'm a bit tempted for I did enjoy this one. And things don't seem to be right as rain just yet. Curiosity might get the best of me if I end up finding the next book somehow. Then I would for sure not deny myself the pleasure of a dark adventure in Victorian London. A worthy and interesting read, I recommended for those who are interested.

  Until next time, Read On!

   Fangirl to the Stars,

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